In sickening YouTube videos, defenseless baby monkeys are tortured, killed, and exploited for likes

- Cambodia -

The Sun Online has uncovered disturbing videos showing innocent and helpless baby monkeys victims of unimaginable torture and often senseless death, for clicks!

The Sun reports that animal rights activists have slammed YouTube “for continuing to host the disturbing clips which appear to be part of a huge trend of the vids being filmed in South East Asia.”

According to The Sun, in one video a baby monkey can be seen desperately clinging to a male “before he then hurls her into a lake so she canlearn to swim.””

Another nauseating video shows a male “throttling a baby monkey - with the video title boasting he made hersuper loud cry.””

In another display of evil, a female is seen in a video holding a baby monkey upside down by the baby’s limbs and slapping her tiny face.

As reported by The Sun, in a series of videos baby monkeys “are forced to carry outcutescenes as part of storylines in a type of online YouTube soap opera by their captors.”

Defenseless monkeys “are placed in bizarre, upsetting or dangerous situations in theseshows” - which can end up with them being killed.” reports that Indonesian YouTuber RIAN MARDIANSYAH (pictured below), was reported to the authorities for posting videos showing baby monkeys being tortured.

On February 1, the South Jakarta Marine and Agricultural Food Security Agency confiscated three monkeys from MARDIANSYAH’s home.

The poor creatures were found chained in tiny cages and were regularly tortured and abused by MARDIANSYAH for YouTubes videos.

MARDIANSYAH uploaded the videos under the account of ABANG SATWA.

According to, to date, MARDIANSYAH has removed 100 videos containing violence against monkeys and has apologized.

PETA told The Sun Online: “YouTube existing policies should see these horrific channels taken down immediately, but their content moderationand response to PETAhas been lacking.”

The Sun Online reports that a YouTube spokeswoman said: “YouTube guidelines prohibit content featuring violence - this includes animal abuse. Any flagged content found to violate our policies is removed from YouTube immediately. Upon review, both channels have been terminated for violating our Community Guidelines.”

Baby monkeys are yanked away from their moms, from their siblings, from their homes, just to be senselessly tortured and killed!

As far as Voice For Us is concerned, YouTube’s owner, Google, is contributing to all this and is as guilty as those evil individuals who physically harm innocent animals, and I am not only referring to monkeys!

Voice For Us finds it extremely cruel, sickening, and revolting that YouTube hosts videos which effectively show and promote violence and crime against innocent animals!

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