In an inhuman act of cruelty, an innocent foal was the victim of an arson attack

- Kent, United Kingdom -

I should know by now that the world is filled with evil people capable of doing the unthinkable, and yet, when I come across stories like this one, I ask myself who had the stomach to set a defenseless breathing being on fire and then go on with their life as if nothing happened!

On the evening of Tuesday, August 3, a 7-week-old foal was found abandoned on a roadside with horrific burns near Sevenoaks in Kent after being set on fire.

The nonprofit Redwings Horse Sanctuary wrote in a Facebook post that Lingfield Equine Vets provided the foal named Phoenix, with emergency care and “undoubtedly gave him the best chance to survive.”

Redwings Horse Sanctuary said that Phoenix is now in their hospital and he continues to fight for his precious life.

The nonprofit explained that Phoenix “suffered horrific burns down one whole side of his body and is currently receiving around-the-clock intensive care thanks to our amazing vets and nurses.” The post goes on to say: “His condition remains touch and go but we’ve pledged to do all we can to help him heal and offered him a safe permanent home here at the Sanctuary.”

The day after Phoenix’s arrival at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the organization advised through a Facebook post that Phoenix has a long way to his recovery, but he is “bright, eating and drinking well… and stealing all our hearts. He especially loves the attention of his carers and the company of his teddy bear George which, because his neck is sore, also happens to make the perfect height shelf for his forage.”

So many people were touched by Phoenix’s story that in just 24 hours the Sanctuary raised almost $16,000 and the Amazon Wishlist is sold out.

In a subsequent update, the Sanctuary said that although Phoenix’s condition remains extremely serious, “he is a very friendly little lad who loves his carers and is showing signs of being more settled – apparently he is now starting to gently cuddle into them. ❤️”

Phoenix, explained the Sanctuary, “continues to receive round-the-clock care in his ICU stable at our Horse Hospital, a special place that treats poorly horses and donkeys all year round.”

Eastern Daily Press reports that Ms. Nicola Jarvis, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, said: “Our focus now is making sure his wounds are cleaned and dressed frequently and to help ease his discomfort with pain relief.”

Nic de Brauwere, Redwings’ head of welfare and behavior, said: “It’s heartbreaking that anyone would target any animal, but particularly such an innocent foal with such a barbaric act of cruelty.”

According to The Sun, no arrests have been made.

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