In a senseless animal cruelty case a wombat was shot more than twenty times

- Australia -

The Wombat Awareness Organisation is caring for a male wombat who was brought in after being shot 26 pellets from “head to toes.”

The nonprofit wrote in a Facebook post: “…his greatest threat is heat exhaustion and dehydration. Our vet has popped him on IV fluids, [antibiotics] and pain relief and he is becoming more responsive but he has a long way to go.”

The poor baby was found on Tuesday, October 12, by a wildlife carer while driving from the South East to the organization’s veterinary clinic.

The nonprofit wrote that the wombat showed up on the side of the road and the lady picked him up and took him to the clinic.

The post then read: “The next few days are critical but we have everything crossed for this incredibly brave, resilient boy!

I learned from an update posted by the nonprofit that this baby has been named Harold.

The post reads: “I am trying not to get too excited as the next 48 hours are crucial and he is far from being out of the woods but he showed enthusiasm for his food today! It is a really positive sign. Aside from this, he is still deeply resting and recovering.”

7 News reports: “The RSPCA says it is aware of the “awful” incident but, at this stage there is no suspect.”

Pictures shared from Wombat Awareness Organisation

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