Husky in the back of a moving truck during a snowstorm sparks controversy

- Parker, Colorado, USA -

FOX 8 reports that on Thursday, October 10, a driver spotted the beautiful Husky in the picture in the back of a moving truck during a snowstorm.

The lady driver took a picture of the dog and posted it online slamming the driver of the pickup truck for subjecting the furbaby to such cruelty.

Although many people seem to believe that this particular breed can withstand extreme temperatures, Dr. Missy Tasky, with the Gentle Touch animal hospital, said that: “In general with hypothermia, just like for people, they can get the frostbite situation, it can cause a blood pressure drop, the heart rate to drop.”

So, Dr. Tasky says it’s wrong and I choose to trust a doctor.

The Daily Mail reports that Aurora Animal Services said they received multiple 911 calls on Thursday, regarding this case.

One of the concerned citizens who called 911, provided the police with the driver’s plate, enabling police to track him down.

According to Animal Services Officer, Anthony Youngblood, the driver was apologetic and forthcoming.

He also told officers he had two animals in the back of the truck and that both were secured with harnesses.

Officers gave the man a warning.

Unfortunately, in Colorado it is legal to drive with a dog in the back of a truck, even if the tailgate is open.


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