HUNTER VINCENT SAUBION needed 50 stitches after a deer unwilling to be hunted fought back

- France -

36-year-old hunter VINCENT SAUBION (pictured below), was hunting with friends in Lesperon, Landes, France, back in January when he was reportedly attacked by a deer.

The incident has only been made public now.

During the attack, the deer ripped some flesh out of the hunter’s face.

SAUBION did not even realize that he was injured and wanted to keep hunting.

In the group there was a firefighter trained in first aid who assisted the hunter until he was eventually airlifted to the Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux.

The wounds on the hunter’s face required 50 stitches.

Despite this incident SAUBION told reporters: “I am still crazy about hunting."

SAUBION, serves you right!!! Leave animals alone!!!

Take your friends and family into the woods, hunt each other and hang their heads on your walls!!!


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