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Hundreds of innocent birds killed by loud fireworks which were set off on New Year’s Eve

- Rome, Italy -

The death of hundreds of birds, mostly starlings, found scattered across the Italian capital was described as a “massacre” by the International Organization for the Protection of Animals.

The poor creatures were nesting in the trees by Termini Train Station and alongside Via Cavour when loud fireworks were set off on New Year’s Eve.

Despite a local ban on personal firework displays in Rome and a nationwide lockdown, a bunch of heartless, careless, and ignorant morons, decided to ignore the ban and lit the damn firecrackers scaring the poor birds.

Ms. Loredana Diglio, spokeswoman for OIPA said: “It can be that they died from fear. They can fly up together and knock against each other or hit windows or electric power lines. Let’s not forget they can also die of heart attacks.”

She also noted that each year firework displays cause distress and injury to both wild and domestic animals.

The Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (Italian Bird Protection League) suggested the birds crashed into each other as they fled to safety.

A spokesman for the organization said: “The birds sleep in the trees and, at the first suspicious noises, they get agitated. Fear causes them to lose focus and this leads them to hit each other or the wall.”

He then added: “When we were contacted at 2 am, there was already little to do. We were told that via Cavour was full of dead birds, but I believe it will be the same in other areas.”

An Italian motorist, Diego Fenicchia, recorded the gruesome scenario as he was driving and then posted the video online sparking understandable outrage and criticism.

He commented that the whole thing was sad, shocking, and embarrassing.

He then told the woman riding the vehicle with him: “I am already out of joy!”.

The EXPRESS reports that: “Firework experts however denied the pyrotechnics had anything to do with the dead birds found in Rome.”

The chair of the National Pyrotechnics Association (Asspi), Mr. Nobile Viviano, insisted there is no scientific basis to justify the claims fireworks caused the flock of birds to collapse on the street and said: “The death of the birds can in no way be linked with fireworks because there is no scientific evidence.”

Despite the rebuttal, the Anti-vivisection League announced they will be lodging a complaint with Rome's Prosecutor Office in the coming days to push for a full investigation on the accident.

The Italian branch of OIPA has called for a ban on selling firecrackers and fireworks for personal use, citing the threat to animals.

I doubt that will ever happen!

The Italian government does not take care of its people, let alone its animals!

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