HUGO CONINGS arrested at Jorge Chavez airport after 20 birds were found packed in his suitcases

- Peru -

54-year-old HUGO CONINGS was arrested on Monday, January 13, at Jorge Chavez airport in Lima after 20 live birds were found packed inside small boxes and hidden in his suitcases.

Peru’s National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) said the Belgian smuggler was trying to get the birds to Madrid, Spain.

The beautiful creatures were found dehydrated and stressed out.

Also, due to the way they had all been crammed together in the boxes, they had lost part of their plumage.

Airport security detected CONINGS’ suitcases just before he boarded the plane.

He could face up to five years in prison for illegal wildlife trafficking.

These stunning birds who are native to the Peruvian jungle and are also found in Ecuador and Bolivia, are now in the care of a local zoo.


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