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How much do you know about the maned wolf?

A few days ago, I came across a picture of an animal I had never seen before.

Being a curious person and having a duty to share animal news with you, I searched for this stunning animal and found out some interesting facts.

Maned wolves are the largest canid of South America.

They are found in the wet grasslands of Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

Their long legs are an adaptation to their tall grass habitat.

Despite the name, these mammals are not wolves, they are distant cousins of domesticated dogs, and foxes.

The size of these beautiful animals can be intimidating and for years maned wolves were hunted and killed by farmers because they believed that they were killing their poultry and livestock.

The truth is that the maned wolves’ small teeth and jaws make it hard for them to kill large prey.

Maned wolves are very shy, they only attack humans when they feel threatened.

Sadly, maned wolves are classified as near threatened.

One curiosity I found on Mental Floss is that their pee smells like marijuana.

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