Horse trapped in aluminum fencing saved by a collaboration between police and firefighters

- Louisiana, USA -

On Monday morning, October 28, the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call about a horse who was laying on the ground stuck in an aluminum fencing.

Deputy Jessie Bearden and Deputy Mark Fortenberry responded to a Benton area just off of Linton-Bellevue Road and discovered a helpless horse tangled up in the fence as pictures show.

Firefighters from Benton Fire Department and Bossier Parish Animal Control also responded to the scene, as well as neighbors and two more deputies from the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Keith Plunkett and Deputy Jeffery Barnes.

The Sheriff’s Office Facebook post reports that Dep. Bearden said: “When I got there, the horse was passed out and near death.”

He continued to say: “We positioned the horse better so he could get some air, and I consoled the horse to ensure he didn’t hurt himself anymore.”

They were able to use bolt cutters to free the horse.

The person who called the Sheriff’s Office to report this, was an employee with ‘Strongmen Movers’, former LSP trooper JC Kelly.

At first he noticed a damaged livestock pen, but when looking closer, he saw the helpless horse desperately kicking and flailing in an attempt to free himself.

As you can see from the pictures, the poor horse’s head was stuck between the fence railing and he was suffocating. If the passerby hadn’t called the Sheriff’s Office the horse would have lost his precious life.

The beautiful animal was able to stand up after he was freed from the fencing without major injuries.

Pictures via Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office


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