HERMINIO FILOMENO indicted after being accused of stabbing an innocent dog in the head

- New Hampshire, USA -

A Rockingham County grand jury indicted 35-year-old HERMINIO FILOMENO on a felony cruelty to animals charge for an incident that happened on May 12, 2020 when FILOMENO fatally stabbed an innocent dog.

FILOMENO also faces a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

FILOMENO is currently incarcerated at the Essex County Correctional Facility, in Middleton, Massachusetts, on unrelated charges.

Once he is released, he will be arrested.

On May 8, 2020, Nicolas Jabour and his girlfriend Dawn Loring were out and FILOMENO was at their home on Ash Street in Londonderry, with the couple’s dogs, Odie and Diesel.

According to court documents, when the couple went back home, they found FILOMENO holding a bloody towel wrapped around the top of Odie's head.

FILOMENO attributed Odie’s injury to a fight that Odie and Diesel had over food and he separated them.

Loring, however, said that Diesel was laying on a bed, was very calm, and did not have any injuries to indicate he had been fighting.

The couple took Odie to Bulger Veterinary Hospital in Lawrence where he was treated by the emergency staff, including Dr. Katherine Walden.

Jabour and Loring told medical staff what they were told by FILOMENO, that Odie had been bitten by their other dog.

Dr. Walden’s experience however, uncovered the devastating reality and alerted the authorities.

Dr. Walden explained to Londonderry police that Odies’s injury was not consistent with a dog fight or a dog bite.

In fact, when Dr. Walden was interviewed by police in August 2020, she described the injury as a large laceration across Odie’s head.

The laceration started at the temple region down towards Odie’s right eye.

It was a clean cut with no swelling or bruising around the outer edges of the laceration.

Furthermore, Odie did not have additional injuries on his body that would have been consistent with dogfighting.

So, Dr. Walden concluded the injury was inflicted by using a sharp lethal cutting instrument/tool.

These findings prompted Londonderry police to launch an investigation and detectives started out by interviewing Odies’ guardians, Jabour and Loring on August 19.

Loring told investigators that the day of the incident, FILOMENO told them he wanted to speak to them about “how to discipline Odie.”

The couple also told detectives that FILOMENO would carry a knife with him at all times and described it as approximately a foot long, when opened, with a wide blade.

At that point investigators scheduled an interview with FILOMENO who invoked his right to remain silent.

Detectives read him his Miranda rights in relation to the animal cruelty charge.

FILOMENO, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, is scheduled to be arraigned in Rockingham County Superior Court on March 19.

Records show that this filthy murderer has served 6 months of an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, witness intimidation and impersonating a police officer. He is eligible for parole April 17.

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