Heartless man who dumped dog on the side of a road wanted in Polk County

- Polk County, Florida, USA -

Residents, can you please help authorities find the cruel man who abandoned a helpless dog?

A Lakeland resident, Danielle, was on her way to pick up her daughter when she saw a white van parked on the side of South Pipkin Road which looked suspicious to her.

Thankfully, Danielle pulled over and began to take pictures.

She saw a brown puppy inside a cage. She said the furbaby was skin and bones and looked to be only a few months old.

At that point Danielle called animal control. After that, she posted on Facebook what you see in the last picture.

ABC Action News reports that Animal Control told them that the offense is considered a misdemeanor.

They also said that the pup did not have any serious injuries, but he was very thin, and urine soaked.

Thank you Danielle for stepping in and doing everything you did to save this precious life. The poor baby could have been hit by a vehicle. How heartless is the man who dumped him?



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