Heart wrenching video from Beijing zoo shows a “depressed” Bengali tiger walking in endless circles

- Beijing, China -

Many breathing beings are on a forced permanent lockdown!

A tragic video went viral across the internet showing a lonely caged Bengali white tiger forced to walk in circles; his footprints creating a circle on the ground.

The unwilling prisoner keeps walking non-stop in a small enclosure as tourists overlook the area from a walkway above.

Several concerned netizens have commented on the captive feline’s plight.

Many said that this ill behavior is a result of forced confinement.

The poor animal cannot roam freely.

Reportedly, the zoo responded saying that the video has not been filmed recently as the big cat was taken away in late March after the zookeepers noticed the strange behavior, and the tiger received “psychological counseling.”

WHATSNEW2DAY reports that a zookeeper said: “We took the animal to get behavioral training. We also brought more food and toys for the tiger. It’s just like “psychological counseling”.

According to Doctor Sun Quanhui who is a senior scientific adviser at World Animal Protection China, the living conditions of creatures inside China’s animal facilities are a cause for concern and he blames China’s lack of laws to adequately address the issue.

I feel compelled to cite Mahatma Gandhi’s quote:

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


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