Hawk spotted in Santa Cruz with mouse trap stuck to body

- Santa Cruz, California, USA -

On Tuesday, January 14, the Wildlife Emergency Services, received a report of a red shouldered hawk with a glue trap stuck to the shoulder and face near Fern Street in Santa Cruz.

A Good Samaritan, Terrance "Sol" Campbell (pictured below), was riding his skateboard on his way to work when he spotted the bird lying on the ground. He tried to help him by peeling off the glue but the hawk took off into the trees.

Mr. Campbell called animal control.

He said: "Its face and its wings and right side wing and right side talon were both completely stuck in the trap, so it was completely immobile."

Rebecca Dmytryk, with the Wildlife Emergency Services, said the hawk can fly, but the trap is still stuck to him and is compromising his ability to stay warm and hunt.

Because of the glue he might get stuck to other trees.

Ms. Dmytryk said that if the hawk is not caught, he will die.

Hopefully the bird is still within two to four blocks of Fern Street so, if you see him please contact the Wildlife Emergency Services on (831) - 462 - 0726. Thank you!

Many thanks Mr. Campbell for trying to save a precious life.


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