GREGORY BURRELL caught on video torturing a defenseless dog

- Colorado, USA -

31-year-old GREGORY BURRELL (pictured below), was caught on a hidden camera torturing a defenseless dog.

The video, which is truly hard to watch, shows BURRELL entering without permission, the bedroom of a woman he once shared the apartment with.

BURRELL can be seen looking around looking for something and then for no reason whatsoever, he grabs the female dog named Rebel by her collar.

At that point, BURRELL throws Rebel to the ground while the furbaby can be heard yelping and crying in pain.

That was not enough for this monster. He had to inflict more pain on someone who could not fight back!

Rebel appears to be choking and for a few moments she is out of frame.

Then, BURRELL grabs her by the collar again, slams her against the wall, throws her on the bed and kicks her before leaving.

The incident happened on February 3, 2020, in Idaho Springs.

FOX31 reports that Bruce Brown, district attorney for 5e Judicial district, which includes the County of Clear Creek, said: “We are lucky to have a video to indicate what really happened, otherwise this crime might never have been discovered.”

He also said: “It’s just heart-wrenching to see an innocent animal be abused in such a way by both being thrown against a bed and then thrown against a wall for no reason at all. This wasn’t disciplining an animal. This was a gratuitous violent act.”

In addition to the animal cruelty charge, Bruce Brown has also charged BURRELL with burglary for breaking into his former roommate’s bedroom without permission.

Now, here is what infuriates me more about this story.

Breaking and entering is a felony count that can land BURRELL’s behind in prison for up to 16 years, BUT, the torture of a defenseless animal is just a MISDEMEANOR in Colorado!

That is punishable by up to ONLY one year in county jail. A joke!!!

Investigative Reporter Rob Low with FOX31 has interviewed Marty Irby who is the executive director of Animal Wellness Action in Washington DC.

Mr. Kirby rightfully said: “I would call it torture, that’s what I would charge in my book. This guy should get the book thrown at him and he should be in jail. I think that speaks that the state law seriously needs an upgrade.”

Well, BURRELL is not in jail, he is free walking our streets!

He was in court for his first appearance on September 28, and Low was there and interviewed him.

FOX31 has published the interview in full.

When Low asked BURRELL why he tortured the dog that way, he responded: “Why don’t you ask the dog owner.”

He claims he had permission to be in the room and stated Rebel’s guardian owes him money.

Among other things, BURRELL said: “My actions were out of haste, they were wrong yes they were. I’ve owned many dogs, I own dogs now. I’ve never been violent, so yeah I made a mistake.”

I hope animal control will monitor those dogs!!!

BURRELL is scheduled to be back in court on November 9.

He has yet to enter a guilty or not guilty plea.

Rebel’s guardian told FOX31 that the furbaby has made a full recovery.

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