GREGORY BURNS arrested after four horses were found malnourished at his farm

- Florida, USA -

Following an investigation into malnourished horses at a farm on at 616 Meander Lane, off Highway 297A in Cantonment, Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille filed animal abuse charges against 62-year-old GREGORY BURNS (pictured below).

Pensacola News Journal reports that on April 2, 2019, a resident called the Panhandle Equine Rescue (PER) to report that four horses were being kept in a barren pasture, constantly escaping and were “extremely thin.

The report stated: “Horses are getting off property and going to a neighbor’s residence and being a nuisance. This is a common trait of horses that are not receiving adequate substance.”

Investigators also reported the stalls needed cleaning.

One horse, Callie, was removed from the farm because of poor living conditions.

You would think that after one horse was removed, BURNS was going to take better care of the remaining horses.

Instead, five months later, on September 17, 2019, PER received another complaint.

The investigation revealed that “the horses were found to be in a horrible condition.”

There was no available grazing in the pasture and the hay was old with black mildew in it.

At that point, the three remaining horses were also removed, Sassy, Montana, and Legend.

The poor animals had lost considerable weight and were having difficulty breathing.

Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille told that “Panhandle Equine Rescue worked with this individual trying to assist him for a long period of time, and that did not result in a favorable outcome.”

Marcille then added: “We reviewed the case and determined that charges were appropriate.”

GREGORY BURNS, of Pensacola, was arrested on Monday, December 7, and booked into the Escambia County Jail with a $6,000 bond which he posted later in the day.

On a separate note, I visited the PER website and noticed that they have a Wish List.

If you can afford to make a contribution, these are the items in the list:

• Seminole Senior Feed (Regular)

• Manure Forks (Valley Vet Supply)

• Paste Wormers

• Fly Spray

• One Pound Salt or Mineral Bricks

• Computer Paper

• Glossy Photo Paper

Thank you!

Many thanks to whoever reported this act of animal abuse!

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