Ginger Murphy’s story - From Mississippi to Ohio to Michigan and back to Ohio

- Michigan, USA -

Ms. Heather Ineich, is the founder of the nonprofit ‘South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery


She had set up a trail cam at a cemetery in South Lyon hoping to capture pictures of a black dog who had gone missing from a foster home with ‘Almost Home Animal Rescue.’

Instead, the surveillance camera captured a different dog no one was looking for.

Heather told WXYZ: “There were no postings about this dog missing. At the same time, I wasn't letting it go.”

As she wrote on a Facebook post, Heather set the trap during the day of Monday, December 14, and by evening the furbaby, she named Ginger, was secure.

As Heather shone a flashlight on Ginger while she was in a cage, she noticed that Ginger’s back was shaved, and a bone was sticking out from her back. Ginger also had many scars on her face and ears.

A subsequent post on Ginger says that she is micro chipped and that her name is Nila.

Heather then talked to the people who adopted her from Ohio and brought her to Michigan.

Reportedly, Ginger ran out of the new house after 10 minutes.

The family does not want Ginger anymore ( At this point I wonder whether they dumped her, or she really ran away…).

Although Ginger is now with South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Heather has to check with Ohio Rescue to see if they want to surrender her or they want her back.

For the time being, Heather is taking care of the furbaby she is calling Ginger Murphy.

Ginger is heartworm positive so she will soon be put through the appropriate treatment.

In the meantime, a team member of the nonprofit, Jodi, spoke with the Toledo Humane Society that had adopted out Ginger.

They said they were going to take Ginger.

Now, a little bit more of Ginger’s past has come to light.

The Toledo Humane Society had gotten Ginger from the HS in Mississippi.

She was on a farm and loved nursing the puppies.

The reason she was taken to Ohio was to be treated and then adopted.

Ginger Murphy was spayed, had a dental extraction and had her heart worm injection the week she was adopted.

She was adopted on November 10, and she’s been running until December 14, when Heather secured her.

Imagine, this poor furbaby went missing for more than a month and no one was looking for her.

To this regard, on Decmber 15, Heather wrote in a Facebook post: “Things went terribly wrong with them not reporting she was lost.”

I hope that means they have been charged with animal cruelty.

I will look into that and let you all know.

The latest update posted by South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, says that Ginger Murphy is back with Toledo Humane Society who drove to pick her up.

Hopefully they will find a loving family for this sweet soul.

Thank you, Heather, South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery and everyone involved in rescuing this baby and caring for her.

Pictures shared from South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery

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