GERARD JEFFREY ALVISSE left his cancer-riddled dog to suffer and failed to seek veterinary care

- Western Australia, Australia -

On Tuesday, May 17, in Perth Magistrates Court, 68-years-old GERARD JEFFREY ALVISSE

was found guilty of animal cruelty and fined $7500.

ALVISSE was not present in court.

ALVISSE is accused of leaving his 9-year-old cancer-riddled Mastiff-crossbreed named Brutus to suffer for months without proper food, water, or medical attention.

RSPCA WA said in a press release that in October 2021, they received a cruelty report about a dog in Kenwick.

Despite trying to engage with the offender, the attending inspector was unable to gain access to the backyard to see and assess the dog. Using a ladder, the inspector was able to look over the fence where she saw Brutus lying near a stained mattress,” stated the release.

The inspector saw that Brutus was in such bad shape and required assistance from the Maddington Fire Station with removing padlocks on the gates so she could enter the yard.

Once in the backyard, the inspector approached Brutus, who was obviously very ill”, said the RSPCA WA.

Brutus had a large, raised, open red growth on the right side of his face, a large amount of green pus oozing from his eyes, and flies covering his hips and back end.

The inspector saw a dirty bowl near Brutus’ head and a bucket full of green water was nearby.

Brutus was also unable to stand on his own, so firefighters helped the inspector, who had made the decision to seize him.

Brutus was then examined by RSPCA WA vets who determined that the furbaby needed 24-hour care and was transferred to Perth Vet Emergency.

Sadly, in the early hours of the following day, “Brutus suffered cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated.”

According to the RSPCA WA, a necropsy performed on the VOICELESS VICTIM revealed that “the large mass on Brutus’s face was a malignant tumor that would have been present and detectable for at least two months and would likely have been cured by surgery in the early stages.” Instead, as shown by the necropsy, “the primary cancer had spread throughout Brutus’s body”, said the RSPCA WA.

The organization said: “It is an offence to fail to seek vet treatment for your pets when needed and as has happened in this case, you can be prosecuted and penalized.”

ALVISSE was also ordered to pay $2069.14 in reimbursement costs and $259.30 in prosecution costs.

Whether or not ALVISSE will be banned from “owning” any other "pets" will be decided by a magistrate on June 8, 2022.

Brutus was senselessly, carelessly, heartlessly, and cruelly left in a corner, forgotten, like an unwanted and useless item.

The monster responsible for Brutus’ unfair death will not be going to prison.

The RSPCA WA entitled their press release: “Justice for dog left to suffer in Perth backyard.”

I don’t see any!

Do you?

I recently learned a quote by Greek-Italian poet and writer Ugo Foscolo, which translated into English goes about like this: “No one on Earth dies as long as they keep living in the hearts of those who remain.”

Brutus lives in my heart along with all the other VOICELESS VICTIMS who have lost their precious lives!

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