Four MONSTERS charged after two defenseless goats were viciously abused and killed

- Virginia, USA -

WARNING! The story contains details that some of you may find too hard to read!

On June 18, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office received a report about animal abuse.

The complainant explained that the individuals living at the home on 10516 Heather Greens Circle, were abusing the goats on the property with bats, and, they were also letting their dogs attack the goats.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that after a lengthy investigation led by Sergeant O’Brien and Deputy Mele, a video was recovered in connection with the incident.

All the individuals at the residence were then questioned.

Deputies were told by the subjects that the goats were no longer there.

The homeowner, 34-year-old CHARLES MCKINNEY (pictured below), claimed that 22-year-old HALIE MORGAN (pictured below), had two goats, but then she found out that she was not allowed to keep them in the neighborhood, so that very morning someone had picked them up.

A further investigation revealed that MCKINNEY was not telling the truth, in fact, after the property was searched, two goats were sadly found lifeless.

Deputies confiscated a video as evidence from a phone that belonged to 35-year-old DONALD COMPTON JR. (pictured below).

In the distressing video, four individuals played a role in the abuse and death of the two defenseless goats.

MORGAN was seen encouraging her two dogs to attack the goats.

The poor dogs, also victims of these monsters, were seen chasing the goats around the backyard where the goats were contained.

36-year-old ANDREW HAEFELE (pictured below), used a large bat with spikes to strike the helpless goats as they ran by him.

The poor souls appeared to be beaten not only with the bat, but also with a sharper weapon which appears to be a large machete, wrote the Sheriff’s Office.

MCKINNEY appeared to use an object to cut the neck of one goat as the poor soul laid on the ground suffering and ultimately died.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote that when the goats were discovered, they were found under objects as if hidden, they were not in plain view.

They both had traumatic injuries, specifically to the neck area.

Their carcasses were sent for necropsies.

This is how the Sheriff’s Office has listed the charges of the four MONSTERS:


Maim an animal x2

Conspire to maim x2

False identify to Law Enforcement


Maim an animal x2

Conspire to maim x2

False information to Law Enforcement


Maim an animal x2

Conspire to maim x2

Receive or transfer stolon property

False information of Law Enforcement


Maim an animal x2

Conspire to maim x2

Cause or permit animal cruelty x2

This is one of those case where prison is not the answer.

Do we think that these MONSTERS will come out reformed?

MONSTERS of this caliber do not change, they evolve.

Prison cannot give a soul to whom is soulless.

Prison cannot give a heart to whom is heartless.

These socially useless and worthless individuals should not be allowed to live another day!!!

The Sheriff’s Office did not mention what happened to the dogs.

Many thanks to the person who reported the abuse to the authorities!

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