Former security guard pours boiling water on pregnant stray cat killing her and her four babies

- China -

On the night of Monday, October 19, an unidentified employee of Taiyuan Security Service Co. cruelly poured boiling water on a stray pregnant cat in the Chinese city of Taiyuan in Shanxi province.

Global Times reports that when bystanders stopped him, he said he wanted to kill the animal because she had stolen his sausage.

Reportedly, a video of the incident shows the monster putting the severely injured mom-to-be in a cage before she was rescued and taken to the vet.

The mom-to-be suffered burns to over 70% of her body.

She was one week away from giving birth.

According to Yahoo News, her unborn babies were delivered by caesarean.

Sadly, they were deceased.

Although the furbaby seemed to recover slightly, and despite the best efforts of emergency vets, on Wednesday, October 21, her heart stopped beating forever.

Her death was confirmed by the Taiyuan Small Animal Rescue Association.

The association’s president said: “We are very angry.”

News outlets are reporting that the male was fired, and Taiyuan Security Service Co. made a payment to the Taiyuan Small Animal Rescue Association of a 5,000 yuan ($1,050) for the furbaby’s treatment.

State broadcaster CCTV said the human trash was questioned by police, however legal experts say he is unlikely to face significant punishment due to the nation’s lenient animal cruelty legislation.

The Daily Mail reports that following this senseless and heinous crime, China’s state TV broadcaster has urged the government to pass the country's first animal protection law 'as soon as possible’.

Such a law may also prevent around 10million dogs being killed for their meat every year in the nation.

Sixth Tone reports that CCTV said on its official Weibo microblog: “It’s the consensus of the whole society to oppose animal abuse, but it’s only at the moral level. Whenever there is a case of animal abuse and killing, the public has no choice but to denounce it.”

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