Footballer Miguel Ángel Borja mourns the death of his cow raped and abused by drug-crazed thugs

- Tierralta, Colombia -

27-year-old Colombian forward Miguel Ángel Borja (pictured below), is devastated over the death of his cow.

In a brief video he posted on social media, he can be seen feeding her a banana while she is lying on the ground visibly weak as she tries to lift her head.

He then gives her some water and says she was raped and abused by a group of young people from Tierralta, Córdoba, during the lockdown.

While Miguel was praying for his cow to recover, she passed away.

According to Miguel, who plays for Brazilian club Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, those responsible for this despicable act live in the sectors of El Rosario and Virgilio Vargas.

Allegedly they use drugs and then come out to frighten whoever they come across.

The brokenhearted striker appealed to these vile beings saying that it’s time they dedicate themselves to seek Jesus and do something productive with their life.

He also addressed the parents asking them to keep an eye on their children.




Una vaca propiedad del jugador Miguel Ángel Borja fue víctima de ‘violación’ y maltratos por un grupo de jóvenes del municipio de Tierralta, Córdoba.

De acuerdo con la denuncia, los responsables viven en los sectores de El Rosario y Virgilio Vargas, supuestamente consumiendo drogas y luego salen amedrentar a quien se encuentren en el camino.

Además de eso el jugador de junior dijo que “Es hora que esto cambie, que se dediquen a buscar a Jesús y aprovechen ese tiempo para cosas productivas; por favor, padres estén más pendientes de sus hijos”.

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