FERNANDEZ GUNTER facing third-degree felony animal cruelty charge

- Winter Haven, Florida, USA -

On Wednesday, January 8, Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputies arrested 51-year-old FERNANDEZ GUNTER (pictured below) and charged him with felony cruelty to an animal.

Back on December 8, the PCSO received an anonymous tip about pups not properly being cared for.

Animal Control staff and the Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit responded to a home at 2149 28th Street in Inwood (Winter Haven).

Officers found 5 dogs in a fenced-in yard.

Deputies said they all appeared to be malnourished with their rib bones showing and none of them had food or water.

Three puppies were alive but one of them was later euthanized.

One puppy was found dead.

A black and white female dog was found with an embedded collar and open wounds.

Tampa Bay Times reports that when deputies talked to GUNTER’s wife, she told them that she does not like dogs so she never went to check on them.

She then surrendered them to the Sheriff’s Office.

When GUNTER himself was finally questioned, he told deputies that the female dog with the wound on her neck had only been like that for a few weeks and that he tried to remove the collar but was unable to catch the dog.

According to veterinarians with animal control, the wound on the dog’s neck was months old, not only that, surgery was needed to remove the chain from around the furbaby’s neck.

The chain was so tight that it was digging into the neck and the skin was actually growing over and into the chain itself.

Sheriff Grady Judd said: “It makes no sense whatsoever to have pets if you’re just going to leave them outside and totally neglect them. Animals deserve our love and we have a responsibility to care for them properly.”

Who can disagree with that?

Spectrum News 9 reports that GUNTER has already bonded out of jail and A DIFFERENT DOG WAS SEEN IN HIS BACKYARD!!!


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