Female Pit bull found with three shots in her face passed away after surgery

- Arkansas, USA -

Trumann Animal Control picked up a female dog who was shot in the face three times and officers are now looking for the person(s) responsible for this.

On February 7, Sgt. Shane Blagg with the Trumann Police Department, wrote in a Facebook post that the poor dog was found with gunshot wounds to her head and body.

The nonprofit The Arkansas Pet Savers took the furbaby to a veterinary clinic in Harrisburg.

A surgery was performed to remove her left eye destroyed by a bullet.

Sadly, the beautiful Pit bull, named Khalida by volunteers, passed away after surgery.

Her heart stopped.

Candice York, a volunteer with The Arkansas Pet Savers, believes that Khalida, who appeared to have been living outside, had too many other medical issues to survive the strain of surgery.

Khalida had a skin infection, different types of intestinal worms, and she was also heart-worm positive.

The nonprofit wrote in their first Facebook post: “This sweet girl is Khalida and we just picked her up from animal control and on our way to the vet. Khalida has been shot in the face and despite the crazy amount of pain she must be in she is still so sweet! She will be evaluated, xrays taken, and God willing extensive surgery. You can tell she has not had a good life, her hair is unhealthy, dull, and patchy, she's been bred no telling how many times. Theres no doubt to me she will also be heartworm positive. We want to change Khalida's life.”

However, on February 6, the shelter posted the heartbreaking update:

“As much as I absolutely hate to make this update, we must say Khalida didn't make it. They had just finished her surgery and were about to close her up and her heart stopped. Her heavy load of heartworms along with all of the different intestinal worms and general bad care she received all of her life contributed to this. We wanted so badly to show her what a true life was all about. One look at this dog and you can tell she spent her entire life outside having babies over and over for someone. We assume that person decided she was used up enough to get rid of her.”

The Arkansas Pet Savers announced that they are offering a $500 reward in exchange for information leading to a criminal conviction.

If you recognize this dog or you know who did this to her please do the right thing and come forward.

Call animal control at (870) - 483 - 6423. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Pictures via The Arkansas Pet Savers



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