Female kitten brought into Erie animal shelter with collar grown into her tiny neck - Voice For Us

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

- Pennsylvania, USA -

On July 2, the ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division wrote in a Facebook post that a female kitten was brought into their shelter as a stray with an embedded collar which had to be surgically removed.

The post reads: “Dr. Franklin at ANNA Wellness Center-Erie was able to triage the kitten and do the emergency surgery. Obviously, someone put the collar on her when she was a kitten and then she was either let outside or got loose somehow. So as she grew the collar embedded itself into her neck. Despite the pain and discomfort - this kitten is so loving and sweet! She craves attention and loves people! The staff at AWCE has named her Milani. She is about 7 months old and is a medium haired black kitten.”

If you want Milani to join your family, you can download an application from the shelter’s website and email it. Thank you!

Pictures via ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division


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