Female caught on horrific video repeatedly striking her defenseless dog

- Florida, USA -

This is a difficult one because news outlets have not covered this horror yet and I do not have many details on this monstrous animal abuse case, so please bear with me.

The nonprofit organization Mutty Paws Rescue based in Palm Springs, has posted a distressing video showing a female repeatedly striking, whipping, and punching a dog with her leash.

N.B. Someone was filming the abuse!

The video goes on to show the monster dragging the dog out of the house and hitting the defenseless furbaby some more!

Mutty Paws Rescue wrote in a Facebook post that they received a report from Michelle Benoit with Dogtoli Dogs Rescue about a dog who was being abused for going potty in the kids rooms of a home in Brevard County.

The shelter is referring to the furbaby as Mia and she is safe with the organization now.

The shelter wrote that Mia “has bloody ears , scars on her back & a possibly mammary mas. She is a senior @ 8 years old & has suffered at the hands of a monster for years and years.”

In a subsequent post, the shelter wrote: “This sweet girl is so sweet and confused. She has injuries , she has scars on her back & several mammary masses. Out of brevard county , her “owner” handed her over with a note on a receipt. This is disgusting. This put tears in eyes of strangers who saw the video as well as those who were hands on in saving her. She will need wound care , blood work , mammary masses removed & biopsied and she is going to need extensive vetting for her back issues which we believe was originally a sever wound left untreated and turned into a fungal issue.”

Mutty Paws Rescue naturally reported this cruel and senseless incident to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Now, I could not believe it when I read it, but the shelter wrote in a later update that they do not want to put too much information out there at the moment due to the abuser’s family potentially watching, and the post concludes to say: “Please be advised , the family has threatened us with a lawyer and has stated someone will pay if anything is done to the abuser.”

Can you believe that? The nerve to threaten someone who is helping an abused dog!

I do have the monster’s name and picture, but I cannot post them just yet because it did not come from official sources.

As soon as the name of the abuser is revealed I will update the story.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey promised justice for Mia, but we know that ultimately, it will be up to the judge trying this case to show how justice will be served!!!!!!!!

Pictures shared from Mutty Paws Rescue

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

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