Faunistic Park ‘Le Cornelle’ welcomes two black panther cubs

- Lombardy region, Italy -

Faunistic Park ‘Le Cornelle’, zoo and amusement park in Valbrembo, is celebrating the birth of two black panther cubs.

Over and over again I watched the video showing one of the two cubs playing with mama panther and it’s just too sweet!

The parents of the nameless cubs are 8-year-old Richard and 6-year-old Kala and they had their first baby named Leyla, in 2017.

The cubs are one male and a female. They were born on July 22, but the video has just recently emerged.

Le Cornelle’s website reports that the cubs almost two months after their birth, are leaving the safety of the den they were born in to explore the outside area they share with their mom.

According to the website, the babies are regularly examined by the park’s veterinarians and are in good health.

There is a contest on the park’s Facebook page to choose a name for the furbabies: https://www.facebook.com/lecornelle/

Welcome to the world baby girl and baby boy and congratulations to mom and dad!


Picture by: https://www.lecornelle.it/

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