Farmer shoots his own cattle left burned in bushfires

- New South Wales, Australia -

Many of us are aware of the bushfires that are still raging on in Australia and they don’t spare anyone, especially animals unable to find shelter.

46-year-old Steve Shipton is a farmer who lives in Coolagolite on the far south coast of New South Wales.

He has a farm in the area and owns many cows. He recently made headlines after he shot 20 of them after the bushfires left them injured.

Reportedly, the cows were seen suffering from the burns. reports that Shipton estimates he lost about a tenth of his 250-odd head of cattle, including his favorite dairy cow. also reports that most of the cattle had been where Shipton thought would be safe - on dirt with a feed rack - but the animals "obviously panicked".

On Wednesday, January 1, a vet assessed which would survive and which needed to be euthanized. So, it seems that Shipton had no other choice but to resort to mercy killing, according to The Daily Mail.

The shooting of the cattle was witnessed by his fellow farmers Peter Mercieca and Bernie Smith.

According to The Daily Mail, “An estimated 480milion animals have also perished in the blazes, which have affected various areas across all states since October.”


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