Family dog shot in the chest while inside the family’s home fenced-in yard

- North Carolina, Vance County, USA -

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to identification and criminal conviction of the person who shot Bella in her chest.

On December 16, Vance County Animal Control was called by Bella’s family.

They told officers that Bella was chained within their home fenced-in yard, on Railroad Street in North Henderson, when a man walked by and shot her.

He then pointed the gun toward the owners and said he would come back and kill them if they contacted the authorities.

Bella was rushed to a local veterinary clinic and treated for a collapsed lung.

Bella is expected to make a full recovery and two days before Christmas she was able to go back home with her family.

Vance County Sheriff’s Office investigators describe the shooter as a black male, about 18-20 years old.

He was last wearing a black shirt and black pants, and last seen walking towards Harris Street in Henderson.

Anyone with information should contact Nobles at or Vance County Sheriff’s Office Detective Will Bartholomew at

Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*


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