Family dog dies protecting his human siblings

- Sumter County, Florida, USA -

The Richardson family had to say goodbye to a furry family member, and they are heartbroken.

Their loyal puppy named Zeus was attacked by a venomous snake while Zeus was trying to protect two of his four human siblings.

One of the kids was in the backyard playing on Monday, September 23, when Zeus spotted the Coral snake close to the child and jumped toward the reptile.

A second child came out in the backyard and at that point Zeus laid down on the snake to smother him.

Zeus was bitten four times and was rushed to an animal hospital where staff administrated antivenom.

Sadly, Zeus passed away the following day.

The family took Sega, Zeus’ mother to the hospital so she could say goodbye to her son.

A tearful Mrs. Richardson said: “Pit bulls are the most loyal [dogs.] If you find (a Pit bull) that’s aggressive, most likely it’s because they weren’t treated right. If you treat them right, they would give their life for you and I owe my son’s life to him.”


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