Evil woman caught on video shooing geese off their nests and destroying their eggs but IT'S LAWFUL

- Florence, Kentucky, USA -

A video of a woman destroying geese nests and mutilating eggs is causing considerable outrage among animal and bird lovers.

In a disturbing video, a woman and a boy can be seen shooing geese off their nests and poking holes in their eggs at The Village at South Fork Creek condo complex in Florence.

It appears that her evil and sick behavior is within the law because she was acting on behalf of the condo’s homeowners association.

A resident of the complex, Mr. Austin Farwick, was simply appalled by this.

He said: “I didn’t think anybody could be that inhumane.”

He loves living on the small lake and feeding the geese.

He was understandably upset when he saw this cruel female shooting at the defenseless birds with a BB gun.

Mr. Farwick said: “Being an animal lover, it was really hard to watch, especially with my wife being pregnant, seeing that mother down there on her nest just looking at her eggs like, 'What happened?

FOX19 NOW received several emails, Facebook messages, and videos were also sent to their newsroom so they called the homeowners association and found out that they gave her permission to destroy the eggs because they are overpopulating the complex.

The residents say this should not be allowed.

John Brunjes, Migratory Bird Program Coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, said that as distasteful as some might find it, it's not unlawful.

Well, it may be lawful, but as neighbors watched a mother goose pick the broken shells from her nest, they had a hard time reconciling what is legal and what they feel is right.

Florence Police Capt. Gregory Rehkamp says officers did respond to the complex after residents reported what they saw.

Capt. Rehkamp says the woman has a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that allows her to control the geese population at the complex.

*Just imagine if animals had a way to shoo us humans off our own houses and kill us and our babies because we are overpopulating the earth!!!*



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