Evil and sadistic female teenager throws defenseless cat down a ravine for prank

Updated: Jan 19

- Spain -

A disturbing video showing an evil female teenager throwing a defenseless cat down a ravine and sharing it on Instagram, has sparked tremendous fury and anger especially toward Granada Police who did not file charges against the evil female.

The incident happened on December 26, in Granada.

Police have blurred the face of the criminal who found pleasure in swinging the poor cat and launching him.

A Granada police officer took to Twitter to expose the heinous crime.

The officer Tweeted: “The crime of animal abuse requires serious injury to the pet ... and your prank could have caused serious injury and even death to the cat.

So you are a potential criminal ... and also a miserable person. In Ddeiphontes there are plenty of people like you.”

El Mundo reports that a neighbor of the abuser’s family, posted the video on her Facebook page and then talked to the abuser’s mother about it.

Reportedly, the mother beat her daughter to teach her a lesson, but the neighbor said that is not the way to raise awareness.

The neighbor then picked up the cat and took him to the vet.

The furbaby suffered an injury to his left hind leg.

Newsy Today reports that for now, the authorities ruled out filing charges against the teenager.

She only received a warning and must pay a fine.

A petition has been created demanding Granada Police file charges against the teenager for her sadistic actions.

When I signed the petition, there were already more than 73,000 signatures!

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