ELLEN HAWKINKS gets her dog back after she let him turn into skin and bones

- Louisiana, USA -

ELLEN HAWKINS, of Geismar, who abused her dog Opie and allowed him to become skin and bones WILL GET OPIE BACK!!!

BRproud reports that on October 26, 2019, animal control was alerted to Opie’s living conditions.

The 6-year-old furbaby was then taken to Cara's House-Ascension Parish Animal Shelter based in Sorrento.

All you have to do is to look at the pictures and easily guess what this poor soul went through!

Reagen Law Daniel, president of Cara’s House said Opie was emaciated, full of fleas, his skin was in awful condition, and he only weighed 41 pounds.

After being in the care of the nonprofit, Opie was nursed back to health.

HAWKINS was initially charged with cruelty to animals, however, last week she pleaded guilty to ‘Owners Responsibility’ in order to get Opie back.

That does not make any sense to me!!!

Mrs. Daniel said: “We just feel like justice wasn’t served here. We want the best for these cats and dogs and when they come in from poor conditions the last thing we would ever think is they would be allowed to go back to those conditions.”

She added: “This is the first time we had to return a dog to someone who was charged with animal cruelty.”

The organization is rightfully and understandably concerned about Opie going back to the monster who senselessly and cruelly abused him.

The shelter said that Opie requires monthly heart worm prevention, allergy medication and care for his skin.

I know that many of you are going to be outraged by this and I promise you I will get in touch with Cara’s House to see if there is something we can all do to make sure Opie gets out of that HELL for good!

BRproud reached out to HAWKINS to talk about the incident but she refused.

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