Eight newborn puppies thrown off Atchafalaya Basin bridge rescued on time by Good Samaritan

- Louisiana, USA -

On Sunday, February 16, a vile individual stopped near the Atchafalaya Basin bridge behind Pat’s Restaurant on Potato Shed Road in Henderson and threw a paper sack in the river.

A fisherman, Mr. Mac Kennedy, witnessed the act and thankfully went to check on the bag.

He found eight black Labrador puppies estimated to be between 3 - 5 days old!

These tiny furbabies were wet and would have sunk if they had not been saved by this miraculous and prompt rescue.

Deputies with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, the suspect was driving a small white single truck described as a possible older model of Toyota or Nissan.

In the back of the truck there was a silver dog box with bright yellow borders around the door of the dog box.

The vehicle was seen traveling south on the Henderson levee road, towards Pat’s Seafood Restaurant.

I know the picture of the truck is not very clear but maybe the details added to the description can help tracking it down.

If anyone recognizes this vehicle or knows the owner of this vehicle, they are asked to please contact the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) - 394 - 3071 or via messenger on the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Thank you!

As for the puppies, Jeff Dorson, executive director of the Humane Society of Louisiana, has shared details of the rescue in a Facebook post with updates on these babies.

He wrote that they were first placed in the care of Precious Paw Prints Animal Rescue, an animal shelter in Arcadia Parish.

Every Animal Rescue-EPAR is now taking care of them.

I have checked their Facebook page for updates and they wrote that volunteers are bottle-feeding these cuties.

They are also giving them antibiotics to ward off any upper respiratory infections.

Jen Shaw, the Director of Every Paw Animal Rescue, said a $500 reward will be given to anyone who helps turn in the suspect.

Thank you, Mr. Kennedy for saving these precious lives!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*


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