Eight-month-old kitten brutally kicked by young monsters ends up in emergency surgery

- North Dakota, USA -

On Tuesday morning, August 4, while Caley Marie Heer was at work, she received a call from her children who frantically told her that their 8-month-old kitten named Simba, had been brutally beaten.

When the kids put the phone camera on Simba, she said what she saw was “Half of his face just hanging down and just him crying in pain.”

Reportedly, this little soul was let out of their home in the 2100 block of 10th Ave W in West Fargo, and a neighbor saw a boy mercilessly kicking Simba.

According to the neighbor, there was also another boy who was encouraging his friend to kick Simba, saying: “Knock it off!” “Knock it off!”.

At that point the neighbor stepped in and said: “What are you doing? That’s my friend’s cat!.”

Simba ended up in emergency surgery that went on for 6 hours, according to the online fundraiser organized by Caley Marie Heer.

Heer said that Simba’s jaw “was busted down the middle causing it to be broken on both sides. Both his upper and bottom lip was sliced open and needed to be stitched back together. He has numerous other fractures, missing his K-9 teeth and others were broken.”

Adding: “We now have to change his food as he can not eat solids for the next 2-3 weeks or longer depending on the healing process.

We also have to give him 3 different meds 2x per day for the next 2 weeks.”

Heer filed a report with Fargo Police.

Since the neighbor who stepped in was focusing on tending to Simba, he could not get a clear description on the young monsters.

So, Heer is hoping that maybe other neighbors will check their doorbell cameras for leads.

Heer is now urging “pet owners to be more mindful of where your animals go when they step outside”.

I feel compelled to say and ask Simba’s guardian this: “Everyday animal cruelty cases are reported on TV, news papers and social media. We think bad things always happen to others. Why would you allow your furbaby to roam outside knowing that our furbabies are vulnerable and exposed to constant danger? It does not matter that we consider our neighborhood safe, evil travels!!!!!!!”

Wishing Simba a speedy recovery and a future safe life indoors.

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