Eight-month-old Husky puppy found wandering the streets after being burned alive

- Sicily, Italy -

The Italian nonprofit OIPA Siracusa (Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali), posted a devastating story on their Facebook page.

A while ago, volunteers with OIPA had spotted an 8-month-old Husky puppy confined on a small terrace of a home, without shelter, water, or food.

They say the poor soul was forced to eat her own feces.

OIPA has reported the situation to the Vigili Urbani (municipal police) several times but no one stepped in to take action.

Suddenly, the puppy was no longer in the spot where she was seen by OIPA, and the organization feared the worst had happened to the furbaby.

OIPA reports that 24 hours after her disappearance, the puppy they named Mia, was seen wandering in the village of Francofonte.

She was emaciated, she struggled to stand on her own, and she had been burned alive.

They tried to end her precious life but failed!

Mia was immediately rushed to a veterinarian.

She suffered burns on her face and legs and has dermatitis spread throughout her small body.

Mia is also suffering from severe anemia and zinc deficiency.

OIPA said that Mia is scheduled for a biopsy and more tests will be run.

The organization has filed a report with the CARABINIERI, (the national Italian gendarmerie) who granted custody of Mia to them.

OIPA will also file additional complaints and charges and will be representing Mia if the case goes to court.

If you can afford to donate towards Mia’s medical expenses, you can visit OIPA’s website. Thank you!

Italy, how can you possibly call yourself a civil country and allow such cruelty to happen?

This act of cruelty against a defenseless sentient being is inhumane, disgraceful and unacceptable.

There’d better be agencies working on this case and make sure the monster who did this to Mia is found and prosecuted!!!

Pictures shared from OIPA

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

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