EDMUND BITTNER arrested for failing to seek treatment for his dog’s tumor

- Charlotte County, Florida, USA -

48-year-old EDMUND BITTNER was arrested Sunday, November 10, and charged with animal cruelty and abandonment but he said he will fight these charges and clear his name.

In April, BITTNER took his German Shepherd named Callie to the Animal Welfare League saying he wanted to euthanize her.

The poor furbaby had a large tumor bulging from her right eye socket, ear and skin infections.

BITTNER told the shelter he had not been to see a vet.

Callie was euthanized and her body was taken to the Punta Gorda Animal Hospital to be examined.

Staff determined that the helpless furbaby was in tremendous pain because the tumor was allowed to progress that far.

Charlotte County Animal Control officers said that not only Callie suffered as a result of BITTNER’s negligence, but she was denied medical attention over a prolonged period of time.

BITTNER is free on bond!


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