DOVISON SEGLA arrested after cutting his dog with a knife causing him two lacerations

- Nebraska, USA -

On Wednesday, September 30, Kearney Police responded to an apartment on 1727 University Drive Circle for a welfare check.

Following an investigation, it was determined that 21-year-old DOVISON SEGLA (pictured below), and another person went back to their apartment to find their dog had trashed the place.

The Independent reports that according to records, SEGLA “grabbed a knife, told the dog to get into the kennel in the bathroom, and allegedly struck the dog once in the head and once in the rear.

Records also state that that SEGLA and the other person then cleaned up the blood in the bathroom, and SEGLA allegedly cleaned the knife and put it back in the kitchen.

According to records, when SEGLA was questioned, he did not tell the facts the way they actually unfolded.

SEGLA first lied to the police and told them that there were a cake and a knife on the kitchen counter. He said the dog knocked them off, and while the knife was falling to the floor cut the dog.

The blood in the bathroom however told a different story, and police knew SEGLA was not telling the truth.

SEGLA was arrested and charged in Buffalo County Court with intentional cruelty to an animal, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, and tampering with a witness, all felonies.

He walked after posting $15,000.

The furbaby needed emergency surgery for a laceration to his head that left a dent in his skull.

The laceration on the rear went to the furbaby’s spine.

Thankfully, this innocent soul is recovering.

SEGLA is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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