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DOUGLAS ROBLES witnessed hitting, throwing, and dragging his dog

- Massachusetts, USA -

The Holyoke Police Department said that on the late afternoon of Sunday, September 11, 2022, officers responded to the area of High Street and Jackson Street after receiving a report about two males abusing a dog.

Upon arrival, officers found 31-years-old DOUGLAS ROBLES (pictured), who had a brown female dog on a leash.

According to a news release by Holyoke Police, a witness saw ROBLES hit the furbaby several times, throw her on the ground, and drag her around by her collar.

The witness also stated that ROBLES then picked up the dog and threw her onto the sidewalk by her collar.

Officers reported the dog appeared to be injured as she had difficulty getting back onto her feet.

As indicated in the release, the witness said ROBLES “did this multiple times in the matter of minutes while the witness stood by waiting for the light to change.”

After ROBLES was arrested for animal cruelty, Animal Control Officer Simpson with the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Adoption Center (TJO) arrived on the scene and took custody of the dog, named Sheila.

In a Facebook post TJO said that Sheila was surrendered to them by ROBLES and she is under the care of their veterinarian team.

TJO then explained: “Sheila is a senior pup and likely has medical needs commonly found in older dogs. We are waiting on the results of bloodwork and other medical tests to determine the best treatment plan for this very special girl.”

In an update published on September 16, TJO advised, “Our vet team discovered Sheila has a significant urinary tract infection and has started her on medication to treat this. Sheila is eating multiple meals a day and we are monitoring her weight closely. We have received many inquiries about fostering or adopting Sheila, and while she is not yet ready for that next step in her journey we appreciate the outpouring of support.”

According to a post of September 23, Sheila is no longer at TJO and part of the post reads: “While we fielded TONS of inquiries regarding adoption, we determined Sheila's best option would be to enter a foster home with a veterinary assistant who can continue to care for and monitor Sheila's on-going medical needs.” Sadly, a lot of furbabies like Sheila need a furever home and if you are interested in adopting one, please click here.

TJO also has a wish list of critical items and you can check it here. Thank you!

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Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

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Sheila’s pictures shared from Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Adoption Center.

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