Dogs found dead after being poisoned, beaten, and burnt show an embarrassing image of the human race

- Maharashtra, India -

A case of animal cruelty was lodged on Monday, January 4, at the Sangvi police station after many dogs were found dead and burned.

The number of dead dogs has since gone up to 19.

Hindustan Times reports that 50-year-old Vinod Rajan Murar, a resident of Shivneri Colony in Pimple Gurav, filed a complaint with the police after his 5-year-old dog went back home looking completely drained and frothing from the mouth.

After Mr. Murar gave his furbaby some water, the dog passed away within minutes.

When Mr. Murar went outside, he discovered in the Pimple Gurav area of Pimpri-Chinchwad at least six dead dogs.

Mr. Murar then discovered a young female dog near the river and four other dogs were lying lifeless not far from her.

The poor furbabies were frothing from the mouth.

Mr. Murar told Hindustan Times: “I suspect that someone has given them something poisonous to eat.”

Mr. Murar found pieces of chicken near the dead dogs.

Prune Mirror reports that after the incident came to light, animal activists responded to the area and discovered that one of the dogs was set on fire.

Activist Purnima Mali said a local doused the fire.

Ms. Mali also said: “A pregnant dog was also killed while a couple of dogs had injury marks on them indicating that they were beaten mercilessly. Some birds had also consumed that spiked chicken. Their carcasses were found too. This is extremely cruel.”

According to activists, a few puppies and dogs are still missing from the area.

Ms. Mali suspects that “the people who poisoned the dogs must have taken them to some other place.”

Ms. Vineeta Tandon, co-founder and trustee of Animal Rescue Trust, said that animal birth control programs are a must, as per the Animal Welfare Board of India.

She believes that in those areas where the program is not implemented, people get frustrated with stray dogs and instead of addressing the issue with nonprofit organizations, they just take the matter into their own hands.

Captain Ajay Bhosale with Sangvi police said: “We are registering the case. Our team is working on it.”

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahātmā Gandhi

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