Dog taken away during a home invasion reunited with his family after eight years

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

- Ohio, USA -

The Humane Society of Summit County (HSSC) has called this story “A Christmas Miracle!”

It’s the story of a dog who has been reunited with his family after he went missing for 8 years and we love to read nice stories after so many horrible ones, don’t we?

The furbaby in question is Junior.

He was taken away from his Barberton home in 2012 during a home invasion.

His mom, Mrs. Julia Nemeth, never gave up searching for her furbaby.

HSSC wrote in a Facebook post that Mrs. Nemeth had raised Junior from a puppy and they were inseparable. She said Junior was her best friend describing him as friendly, devoted, and smart.

Junior and his mom have always shared a special connection she never forgot.

This is how HSSC have recounted this amazing story on their Facebook page: “Over the years she scoured local shelter photos and lost-and-found pet groups online. She thought she found him on Craigslist listed for sale, but the poster never responded to her email. While she checked the Humane Society of Summit County website, her searches never matched up with his time at our shelter.

Junior was known as “Buddy” during his on-and-off, two and a half year stay at HSSC. He originally arrived at our shelter in July 2018 after being surrendered to Humane Officers. Buddy was a staff and volunteer favorite, known for loving chew toys, but was aloof with visitors. He was adopted three times over the years, but none the families were the right fit and he was returned. Shelter staff knew the right family was out there, but they didn’t know he already had a family that had never given up on him.

Julia found Junior’s picture on the HSSC website again in mid-December and called us right away. Shelter staff compared photos of Junior to our Buddy and thought there might be a match! Julia described her dog’s personality which matched the shelter dog’s quirks even after so many years. Julia came to the shelter that day hoping to reunite with her long lost pet.

During the initial meeting, Junior was a bit distracted but instantly connected with Julia, licking his long lost owner’s face as if there was a glimmer of a memory. She tried some of the hand signal commands she had taught Junior years ago and he obeyed them perfectly. Julia, who is married and the mother of four children, brought her family to meet Junior the next day to ensure that the Junior she remembered could fit in. They took him home that night.

Junior is settling in well in his new home with his forever family! “

Junior is now 9 years old.

Mrs. Nemeth told HSSC that Junior warmed up to his human siblings and he likes to snuggle on the couch with them.

Junior still loves chew toys and balls and likes to play catch in the backyard with his human brother.

HSSC said that Mrs. Nemeth said: “I keep asking my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe Junior is home. He carried me through challenges of my life and to have him back means everything to me.”

Welcome back home Junior!

I am not crying!

Pictures shared from Humane Society of Summit County

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

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