Dog shot in the face and struck by a car on the road to recovery

- Massachusetts, USA -

The beautiful furbaby in the picture is Phoenix.

He was struck by a car and left to die in Georgia.

When he was taken to a shelter, it was discovered that Phoenix had also been shot in the face and had bullet fragments lodged in his jaw.

With a wounded jaw it was really difficult for him to eat and as a result of this he was found extremely malnourished and dehydrated.

Brave and sweet Phoenix underwent two life-saving surgeries while at Georgia shelter.

One of these surgeries led to the amputation of his front right leg.

After the two surgeries, officials with the Salem-based Northeast Animal Shelter drove from Massachusetts to Georgia to get Phoenix.

On Tuesday, December 10, Phoenix was in the Bay State.

He underwent a mandatory 48-hour quarantine and he will soon be ready to be adopted and have the happy and loving life he is entitled to.


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