Dog’s front paws broken by a farmer for attacking chickens then her legs are cut off by her guardian

- Turkey -

The nonprofit ‘Haytap - Animal Rights Federation in Turkey’ is caring for a female dog they have named Pamuk, whose front paws were broken by a farmer for harming his chickens.

The furbaby’s guardian, three days later, cut off her legs with an axe and wrapped them with tape before finally taking her to the vet.

The 3.5-year-old Golden Retriever was left in excruciating pain for days before the animal shelter went to pick her up from the Havza district of Samsun and provided initial emergency treatment.

According to the shelter’s Facebook post, in her short life Pamuk has already been impregnated 3 times, delivering 25 babies.

Pamuk is being cared for in a private clinic where staff are dealing with, among other issues, a severe infection.

The shelter has also explained in a Facebook post that her condition is critical, and her blood values indicate she is not yet ready to undergo surgery.

Vets are doing their best, but Pamuk has a very long and expensive treatment ahead.

The Daily Mail reports that veterinarian Mustafa Kanat said: “It seems the dog's legs were amputated with a sharp instrument. The rest of the bone is not in a good state and it may not be able to wear prosthetic legs. I think the dog may be able to move around in a wheeled walker and use its hind legs. But I am really sorry, there are no words to say.”

The police have opened an investigation into this heinous crime but so far, no arrests have been made.

The senseless torture inflicted on a defenseless animal is not the only upsetting aspect of this story.

Haytap - Animal Rights Federation in Turkey rightfully called for Turkey to toughen its laws against animal abuse and in a disheartening post they wrote: “there are politicians who stubbornly shut their eyes to the brutality experienced. If you leave the criminal unpunished, nobody should complain about why the violence has come back to us ...”

If you can afford to make a donation towards Pamuk’ s medical bills, please click here.

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