Dog put in a zipped suitcase and thrown from off a cliff found by a couple of joggers

- Canada -

On Saturday, January 4, in Lambton park in Etobicoke, a couple of joggers discovered a fully zipped suitcase and noticed it was moving.

When they opened it, they found the beautiful Jack Russel terrier in the pictures below.

The female furbaby was not wearing a collar or an ID tag.

Toronto Animal Services wrote in their Facebook page that the pooch is in their care and they are calling her Casey.

They also wrote: “We gave Casey a vet check this morning, and found that she is a fairly healthy 5 to 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who may have had a litter of puppies in the past.

Casey was initially timid with us, but she warms up quickly, especially when treats are involved. We are giving her space and letting her know she’s in a safe place. Once she has been with us for some time and we have been able to assess her fully, we will try to find a good outcome for her, which may include adoption.”

In the meantime, you can help the authorities find whoever placed this defenseless dog in a suitcase which was thrown from off a cliff.

Canadian residents, if you recognize Casey or you know her ‘owners’, or have witnessed this heinous crime, please come forward and speak up.

Contact Toronto Police on (416) – 808 -1100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously (416-222-TIPS or

Toronto Animal Services encourages the public to call 311 if you see a dog kept outside in unsafe conditions so they can help. Thank you!

Thank you all for rescuing Casey!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Pictures via Toronto Animal Services and Black Dog Rescue


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