Dog now named McGregor rescued from a deep meat grinder

- Tennessee, USA -

On Wednesday, February 19, Mr. Tom Breen, a member of staff of a meat plant, called Memphis Animal Services (MAS) about a dog stuck in a meat grinder.

In less than half an hour, Officer Hunley and Officer Sutter responded to the scene near East Brooks Road and South Third Street.

They found a dog trapped 12 feet down in a processing pit, that had narrow walls with very little space for them to operate.

All Officer Amanda Sutter could see was the pup’s face and back legs.

She did not hesitate for a moment and dropped a ladder that she bravely climbed all the way down into the slimy, slippery, greasy, and dark pit.

She attached two 6-foot control poles together and then around the dog’s neck.

With one hand on the ladder and one hand on the poles, Officer Sutter pulled him part of the way out of the pit, just enough for Officer Hunley to pull the rest of the way.

The furbaby was so drained of energy that he could not help during the rescue.

Once out of the meat pit, the frightened and traumatized dog was covered in towels and was safely put into the MAS truck.

He is now resting and well taken care of by MAS staff who named him McGregor.

Officer Sutter said: "We decided to name him McGregor after one of the most famous fighters we could think of at the time because he's a fighter, and he deserves an honorable name."

It’s unclear how long McGregor was in the pit before being spotted by Mr. Breen, but he was visibly exhausted indicating that he must have tried to pull himself out of there for a long time, and it was a real miracle that the machine was not on.

Many thanks Mr. Breen for calling MAS!

Many thanks Officers Sutter and Hunley for saving this precious life!

Rescue on video



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