Dog missing after surviving car crash

- Marshall County, Indiana, USA -

44-year-old Dorcas Figueroa Hernandez lost her life in a car accident on Tuesday, October 15.

Her daughter, who was also involved in the crash, was airlifted to a Memorial Hospital in South Bend.

Ms. Hernandez’ dog, Jasmine, survived the accident but she is now missing.

A woman driving a yellow Hummer stopped to help and took Jasmine saying she would take her to a vet.

Nancy Cox, director of Marshall County Humane Society said that Jasmine was never brought in and now she is appealing to the public to find her and make sure she is safely returned to her family.

If you have any information regarding Jasmine, please contact Marshall County Sheriff’s Office on (574) - 936 - 3107 or the Marshall County Humane Society on (574) - 936 - 8300.


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