Dog found underweight with towel and T-shirt around her head is in the care of the Pennsylvania SPCA

- Pennsylvania, USA -

On the late evening of Wednesday, November 18, the Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement team received a call about a dog who had been brought to the city shelter.

Responding officers found a tiny female blue Pittie, named Agnes, who had a T-shirt and towel wrapped around her head.

The towel and the T-shirt had been secured with an extension cord tied around her neck.

Agnes weighed only 33lb and had patches of hair loss on her emaciated body.

The nonprofit wrote in a Facebook post that Agnes is in their hospital, and she is comfortable in a warm bed.

The furbaby is receiving several small meals a day and is going for lots of walks in the field.

The agency also wrote that those who found her claimed they covered her head because she had been going after dogs, however, staff at the shelter have not noticed such a behavior on Agnes’ part!

Despite the ordeal she has been through, she has a sweet disposition and her tail still wags.

Pennsylvania SPCA will continue to give Agnes the best medical care and additionally, their behavior team will also make sure that the beautiful furbaby will get her second chance in life!

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