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Dog found dead after being tied to a buoy at sea in Policoro beach – Investigation underway

- Basilicata, Italy -

The LNDC Animal Protection is reaching out to the public for information after a dog was found dead at Policoro beach tied to a buoy in the sea by a noose.

The monster who perpetrated this egregious act made sure the poor dog would not escape and tied his legs. A necropsy confirmed that the dog died of drowning.

In a Facebook post, the LNDC Animal Protection said the Voiceless Victim was not microchipped. The organization also said that the dog appeared to be a Setter breed, traditionally associated with hunters.

When Harbor Master's Officers pulled out the buoy, they found a second noose on it, probably used to tie another dog. The Harbor Master's Officers, however, advised that a second dog was not located.

LNDC Animal Protection said this horrific crime led them to believe that hunters may be involved as it often happens that when their dogs are no longer suitable to serve them, and are "deemed useless", it becomes necessary to get rid of them, because they are considered a burden.

Ms. Piera Rosati, LNDC Animal Protection’s president is urging anyone who has information about this heinous crime to come forward and help the authorities with the investigation. She said: “This is once again an abominable act, I can't even imagine how such a cold, lucid and ruthless mind could have put such a cruel plan into practice without the slightest remorse. Anyone who commits such a gesture scares me and should scare the whole community of Policoro, because such a person could still commit crimes against more animals. I sincerely hope that the second dog mentioned, perhaps tied to the same buoy, may have survived. We at LNDC Animal Protection have filed a complaint against unknown persons because such a crime cannot and must not go unpunished. It is necessary to do justice and find the culprit at all costs.”

A vigil will be held on Monday, June 12, 2023, at Heraclea Square in Policoro at 8:00 p.m. to honor the Voiceless Victim.

As an indignant Italian national, I bet my life that even if the monster is caught, he/she will not spend one second behind bars. The Italian judicial system is DISGRACEFUL!!!!

The furbaby’s name is unknown, so I took the liberty of naming him Cielo (Italian for sky, pron. 'tʃɛlo) for the tribute image. Should his given name be made public, I will rectify it accordingly.

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