Dog burned in a crate had to be euthanized

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

- East Cleveland, Ohio, USA -

A man is wanted for animal cruelty and the East Cleveland Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance.

The picture of the unidentified subject has been published by WTOL 11.

He is accused of lighting a crate on fire with a stray dog inside.

Although the helpless furbaby was found and taken to Rainbow Veterinary Clinic in Cleveland Heights, he had to be euthanized due to the injuries he sustained.

The poor dog was found on Friday, September 6, on 16007 Nelacrest Road.

The video included in the article, shows when the officers picked up the furbaby and rushed him to the clinic.

Dr. Jessica Alcorn said that the poor Pitbull had very severe burns over more than 30% of his body and where he was burned the skin was gone showing his muscles.

Dr. Alcorn said something it’s hard to disagree with: “When someone does a crime like this, it's not just one time." "They are going to do something like this again to other animals, and to people too.”

Anyone with information leading to the identification of the individual in question is asked to call the East Cleveland Detective Bureau on (216) - 451 -1234 or Crime Stoppers on (216) - 252 -7463.


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