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Dog briefly stolen finally reunited with his family on Christmas ‘Eve

- Washington, USA -

On Wednesday, December 23, Mrs. Kristin Clark was unloading Christmas presents from her car into her business on E. Francis and Napa in Spokane and left her BMW unattended for a few minutes.

That’s all it took for someone to steal her car, a few minutes.

When Kristin returned, not just her car was gone.

Her dog Copper, who was sleeping inside the vehicle in the back seat, was also gone.

Kristin alerted Spokane Police and officers started asking for the public’s help in finding her furbaby, described as a fox red Lab with unique eyes.

Kristin told KREM2: “My heart just dropped.”

Because a car is replaceable, money is replaceable, but Copper is not”, she added.

After 22 minutes that Spokane police sent out the initial call for help, a hopeful tip came through.

A citizen called the police to report that a dog and a BMW had been left in a parking lot near 200 E Lincoln Road since 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 24.

Police confirmed that the vehicle belonged to Kristin and thankfully, Copper was found inside safe and sound.

Spokane police officer John O'Brien immediately called Kristin.

She said in disbelief: “You found my dog and my car?”

Kristin told KREM2: “Yeah, that was probably the best phone call I could have ever gotten, I got my baby back.”

She then said: “He was in the car all night in the cold - freezing cold with no water, no nothing. But they cracked the window, I appreciate that.”

Kristin thinks whoever stole the car did not realize Copper was there and when they saw him, they panicked and ran.

That would explain why the vehicle was found so close.

"Christmas is totally back on” said Kristin.

Spokane Police are investigating the incident.

If you have any information related to this case, please call Spokane Police. Thank you!

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