Dog beaten to death in Grady County by ACO – REWARD offered to identify another male seen in video

Updated: Jun 30

- Oklahoma, USA -

~ Update: June 30, 2022

I have emailed Lieutenant Nola Cottrell with the Grady County Sheriff's Office.

I asked him to forward to their PIO my email requesting information about the investigation into the dog beaten to death.

~ Update: June 27, 2022

I have emailed the Tuttle Police Department and the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and requested the following information:

1) Why the witness who recorded the act of the dog being beaten to death, waited until March 2022 to come forward?

2) When exactly the Animal Control Officer seen in the video was placed on administrative leave?

3) With regard to the dog who was beaten to death, was he/she from the shelter? Are the gender, age, breed, and name known?

4) What happened to the other dog seen in the video?

I have heard back from the Tuttle Police Department and learned that the ACO, LARRY JOHNSON, “was placed on leave on March 18, 2022.”

If I hear back from the sheriff’s office, I will post an update.

~ Original story:

The nonprofit Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) is offering a $5,000 reward in exchange for information leading to a criminal conviction of a male who can be seen in a video “showing an act of unconscionable cruelty at the Tuttle Animal Shelter in Grady County, OK”, said the organization in a Facebook post.

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office is working to identify the male whom the OAA referred to as “Eddie.”

The sickening and disgusting video shows a dog who has been beaten to death on County Road 1190, near Highway 37, on October 29, 2021. However, the video was only submitted to the authorities in March 2022. It’s not clear why the video was not immediately reported to law enforcement.

News 9 reports that a witness recorded the act in two different videos while driving past the Tuttle Animal Shelter.

The first video showed a Tuttle Animal Control Officer and an unknown man.

The ACO is seen hitting a white dog with a baton as he/she bites a brown dog.

The second video showed the unknown man hitting the white dog as he/she lays on the ground until he/she stops moving.

According to News 9, the witness told the news agency that after ending the second video, they saw the ACO put the white dog in a bag and dump him/her in a dumpster.

OAA explained in a Facebook post that the video was supplied to them in March 2022, and “Upon determining the location, the video was supplied to the City of Tuttle Police Department.”

Police acted on it and brought in the Grady County Sheriff's Office to investigate “the alleged crime”, said OAA.

News 9 reports that Major Michael Scott with Tuttle Police said the ACO was placed on leave and later resigned.

Undersheriff Gary Boggess with the Grady County Sheriff's Office said that the ACO could not identify his partner in crime.

No criminal charge has been filed related to the dog beating.

It truly infuriates me that it takes a reward to encourage people to do the right thing.

$5,000 is a lot of money the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals CANNOT do without considering all the furbabies in their care.

Why not use the same baton on the ACO and get the name of the other scum out of him!?

He knows who he is!

No wait, that would be illegal.

If you know who the other lowlife is, I beg you, come forward and speak up for the VOICELESS VICTIM. Then, donate the reward to the shelter!

Tips can be submitted to the Grady County Sheriff’s Office by leaving a message on the agency’s tip line: (405) - 224 - 0984. Thank you!

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