Disabled dog abandoned twice by the same family on the same day

- Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil -

A woman was caught on video abandoning a disabled dog and the heartbreaking footage went viral on social media.

The video, captured by a surveillance camera, shows a white car stopping in the middle of a road in the city of Sao Leopoldo, a woman gets out of the vehicle and lets two dogs out, a black one and a white one.

She then puts the black dog back in the car and while the white dog tries to get back in she picks him up and throws him away as if he was trash.

The female then drives off.

The poor disabled furbaby, named Tintin, is then left behind and is seen in the video helplessly hopping on his two back legs.

The Mirror reports that a Good Samaritan found Tintin and returned him to his family.

Hours later the woman’s husband dumped Tintin a second time.

According to regional news outlets, the dog was later found by a man, who dropped him off at the Municipal Department of Animal Protection.

The Mirror also reports that: “Local media said that more than 30 people have offered to adopt the dog, which was born with its disabilities, after the video was posted on social media.

Meanwhile, the local authorities are reportedly investigating the animal’s abandonment.”

The video was first shared by Ana Paula Scherer on her Facebook page.


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